Friday, October 8, 2010

Lovely Fall Scentsy Wickless Candle Giveaway! over at Proverbs 14 Verse 1 this is what June said about these wonderful Wickless Candles.
"Homemaking is a beautiful thing. It is so exciting to be able to go about your day and create a beautiful, peaceful home for each and every single one of our family members. I know that one of the ways that I personally love to do that is by creating an ambiance in the home. I will turn on some low classical music or hymns, turn on some glowing lights and maybe light a candle or two.
As keepers of the home, wives "set the stage" for comfort and hospitality. Fragrance is a big part of this, and a lot of us light scented candles. However, because of the safety factor we limit candle time. But now all that can change-- let me introduce you to Scentsy! Scentsy uses a light bulb to melt wax cubes in a small plate, making it much safer than an open flame. They also have 80 incredible scents from which to choose that makes a better selection than an air fresheners from the store!Safety is one of the major benefits of this product. No burning means no smoke in the air. The fragrant wax is chosen because it melts at a lower temperature and won't burn a child if they were to stick their hand in it. The warmer itself feels like a coffee mug when it is hot.
We got our warmer system kit in the mail and tried it out. I could not believe how wonderful they made my home smell! Fragrance is a powerful thing as it conjures up old memories and new--and with Scentsy you will be glad to know that these fragrances last a LONG time (even after you turn it off), and is much better than your average candle! The great news is that it is safer than candles and that is is important if you have lots of little ones like I do. I remember when I used to lament about not being able to use many candles but Scentsy really solves that dilemma. All you need to do is put a few blocks of wax on the top plate, turn it on and enjoy!
There are also small openings on the sides where the light can shine out of and reflect beautifully on the walls, the reflection on ours actually looked heart shaped. Our family likes to dim the light of the room to experience and enjoy the natural, calming ambiance that Scentsy creates.Scentsy also carries holiday warmers, fragrance foams, room sprays, do-it-yourself kit warmers, Scentsy bars and bricks, and my favorite-the Scentsy Buddy--a stuffed animal for children containing one of Scentsy scents packs inside!
Now, Toni Swayze, who is an Independent Consultant for Scentsy has generously offered a free warmer system to one of my readers! That's right---take a look:
This warmer is just beautiful and oh-so cozy for decorating your home just right in time for fall! It will also come with three amazing Scentsy bars--Maple Butter, Clarity and Eskimo Kiss that can be reused until the fragrance is gone. "
Click here to go by her blog and see the great photo's and check out the Scentsy website too.

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