Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Home Sanctuary Simple Things

Yesterday I joined Rachel Anne over at Home Sanctuary for the first time in months. I think my life is finally settled down a little and I can think about making my Home a Sanctuary. Yesterday Rachel suggested saying "Yes" to God. I posted about it yesterday but I want to follow up here. You see what I am saying yes to is actually two things. It starts with my other blog My Journey Back. I have felt for a long time that I should make some changes to there. I would love you to come by there and visit. It isn't a homemaking blog and I post very little about decorating. I do join a few weekly meme's. On Monday's I always try to write about our ministry or another ministry or post a book review. On Tuesday I have been writing my thoughts about being a Titus 2 woman. There are a few other meme's I join but mostly I write about My Journey to getting closer to God. It was actually a few months ago that I said 'yes' to God and began a blog dedicated to book reviews. And I posted a photo illustration of where I want My Journey to go and what I want it to be about. Simply said it's theme is explained like this WIJIT which means Where Is Jesus In This.
I haven't been keeping up over here at My Home Sanctuary but yesterday I made a commitment to say 'yes' and be much more regular about posting here. I hope you like what you see and read and I hope you will decide to follow.
I love to decorate. I love to visit other blogs for ideas. Every Monday I join Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday. And I usually try to post something in Blue too and join Smiling Sally.
And I also try to visit Rachel and get some inspiration. Today she inspired me to take stock in my cleaning supplies. And so I did. I was out of comet. One of my old stand by's. And I needed windex. I use a lot of windex. One of my must have's is pop up wipes. Love them.
Rachel asked everyone to share one of their favorite bathroom cleaners. Here's a photo to illustrate mine.
Opp's well no that is my little happy house. Isn't it cute? Here's my favorite tool.

My trusty mop. I have a mop for floors and a mop I use to clean the toilet and the tub. They are they kind you take apart. I have a different mop head for each use. I know it sounds a little weird but it sure does save the back. I do my tub and my toilets regularly so they are pretty easy to scrub and believe me the mop makes it so much easier no bendin' a stooping!

This month I am trying to keep track of points because I want to enter Rachel's give away. And so after yesterday and today I have logged a big 'ole 90 points. Woohoo! Watch out girls I am sayin' yes and givin' you a run for your money this month!

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Denise said...

The mop idea is awesome.