Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Say yes . . .

Yes Lord . . . Yes Lord . . . Yes Yes Lord . . . today I was challenged by Rachel over at Home Sanctuary. It has been a really, really long time since I have participated in her suggestions to make your Home a Sanctuary one small thing at a time.

In fact you probably don't even know that this blog is here because of Rachel. The name of this blog was inspired by Rachel. There was a time that I was posting fairly regularly here and following her suggestions. But the last few months have been so crazy for me that I have neglected my time here.

And so, today at Rachel's suggestion I am hoping that I can say 'Yes' and make a commitment to spend my time here with you.

My desire for My Home Sanctuary is to share with you my home and how I am trying to make it a sanctuary. I love decorating. I love cooking. I love reading. I love getting inspiration from other bloggers. And I love learning new things.

I love being a Happy Homemaker on Monday and everyday. And I hope that you'll begin to come here often.

I want to share with your what I am learning. Even though I am a more 'mature' woman. That means I am over 50 I know that there are still many things I have to learn. Mostly because I know that God is continually doing a makeover on me. Just about the time I think everything is running smoothly I realize because he has brought to my attention that there is an area of my life I need to work on. And over at My Journey Back I try to share what God is teaching me. So, I would love it if you dropped in over there and maybe leave me a comment and let me know you've come by.

And I hope you'll become a regular visitor here and join me in saying "Yes Lord". And if you need inspiration or encouragement to work harder at making your home more of a sanctuary then join me over at Rachel's for some encouragement and inspiration.

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Denise said...

I love you sweet sis.