Monday, January 11, 2010

Small Thing and Mosaic Monday

This week Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary is suggesting setting up a Household Organization system that works, Gloriously. Wow what a concept. I wrote a similar post here yesterday.
I was writing over at my other blog about my posting plans and well it just falls into this same category. Because if my blogging is systematic and organized then I can actually enjoy it more and get more posting down.

It is the same with my house. I need systems and organization. I think Rachel Anne has some great ideas. So I am in. Today we are to make a list of chores or tasks we do and number thier importance. Here is part of her list 1 is something you do everyday. My favorite is her #5 Ain't gonna happen. She always cracks me up.

Anyway today here's what we can log.
POINTS: 50 for making a general task list and assigning a number to each item.
BONUS POINTS: 30 for doing Minimum Maintenance...we're embracing new habits, right? And this minimum maintenance post from last week was my favorite.

Here's my Monday Mosaic. I meant to combine both these posts but ended starting a new one.
So below is my real MM post in case you have time to read it too.

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Anna said...

Staying organized with the house and schedules is such a struggle, b/c everything seems to change all of the time. I have a schedule that seems to be working for the mornings, now I hope I can work on the rest of the day!