Friday, January 22, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Are you guys sure it's Friday. LOL. All week I have been getting my days mixed up.

I had a busy and very productive week but still have lots on my list of things I want to accomplish.

I kept the grandbaby on Monday and then on Tuesday he started pre-school. We took lots of photo's before they left. He did great and loved playing with the other kids.

This week I haven't left the house much which is pretty helpful because I don't have to get too dressed up and I can get a lot done. I am in the process of moving some rooms around. It is confusing to explain but I'll try. My sewing room is becoming our t.v. family room. Moving the t.v. from the main living room and the love seat to the sewing room. My husband has his own room with a nice chair and ottoman and a pinball machine and game table. All that is going into what is now the sewing room. And, I am taking over his room for my sewing room. On Wednesday I moved a big antique wardrobe from the sewing room into the dining room half of our current living room. Then yesterday I moved the matching dresser. I'll have to do a virtual tour whens it's done. I am much happier with this arrangement. And I think Cowboy will be too once he gets used to it.

I am finishing up my furniture moving today then tonight I am going to participate in Friday Sew In and spend as long as I can stay awake sewing. I think I am just going to start a donation quilt with some strips already cut. It'll be quick and I can post a lot tomorrow!

Well that was my week except for all the Simple Things I did. I had to laugh a couple of days I was a day ahead of Rachel. Good thing I am not really logging points. Here's the run down

Man oh Man did I have some stragglers. I even found a couple more yesterday! I had Christmas decoration stragglers, socks (I tend to wear socks to bed then take them off in the middle of the night. I found a mound in my bed!), found toys the baby shooved under the couch, coats laying across this dumb window in our entry. Yes it is dumb. I'll share more another time.

Then I tackled crumbs. Girls I have done that toaster recently because Rachel said to but you wouldn't believe the crumbs. I shook it. I banged it. I opened the litte door and wiped it out. Got a pastry brush and wiped some more. I still couldn't get the ones inside. I was going to go get the hair dryer and tackle it again. And got distracted with something else. When I came back Cowboy had put it away. Miracles do happen girls! I left it in it's new place of honor crumbs and all!

I promise I did try to be nice to someone but there wasn't anyone around here on Wednesday. I think I did call my mother I usually call her everyday. Does that count? And I cooked Cowboys dinner.

And then yesterday I intended to attack shoes but we had a major frustration. I had just finished moving the dresser I was talking about and Cowboy called. The transmission went out in our truck. This is the vehicle we use for ministry. And I had to stop what I was doing get dressed with makeup and go pick him up at our office. Ended up staying there all afternoon working in the pantry storage and boxing up food for next week. (Please pray for us that we can raise the money we need to get it fixed. )

So that was my week. I'll be coming by today to visit you guys. Oh I am sorry I forgot I have some Coke Zero and Cowboy has some coffee brewed. Stay awhile and check out my Tuesday Trade Days. Wanna trade?


Frugal Friend said...

A sewing room sounds so nice. I have a closet. Can't wait to see your tour, and maybe some of your work too?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good moving around! checking out your Tuesday Trade Day now. :)

UKZoe said...

I did a mini virtual tour today.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I would love to see a virtual tour! I love changing things around in my home - it makes it feel new!

Thanks for your visit to my blog today and for your kind comments!

I can't wait to have a look around your blog!

carikaufm said...

That's a lot of furniture arranging, but it sounds like fun! I wonder what would happen if we changed rooms around?

I will pray that God provides a way to fix the truck! Have a great weekend!

secondofwett said...

Oh my...I'm afraid you lost me in your furniture arranging...maybe you'd better do pictures! Anyways, a sewing room sounds great...I had one til Army son left the, it's his room til he finds a job...Lord help us all!

Anna said...

Sounds like you had a busy week. I like to rearrange rooms and furniture, too. Although, we tend to be limited on space and not have too many options.

Can you give me your e-mail address? Mine is wegner_a (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

We stayed in this week because of the rain, but I hate how long it takes me to get everyone ready and out the door to find that someone needs a diaper change or is falling asleep ready for nap. It's nice to stay home, but I never get anything done with one of the girls needing something from me. Oh well....that's the season we're in. I love rearranging to find a better suitable place for certain things. Have a good time with that.

One More Equals Four said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the new arrangements!

I can relate on things breaking. In the past year we have pretty much replaced all the plumbing in the lower level of our house and part of upstairs and the hydrant and well outside. We have also replaced the hot water heater and just found out that we will have to get a new A/C unit. And now we think the air compressor is going out on our family vehicle!

When it rains it pours! BUT God has been so faithful through it all! I know He will be there for you as well!

bashtree said...

Tuesday trade! Fun!! And a pinball machine, AND a sewing room! That sounds awesome :)