Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am not a hoarder . . .

Yesterday Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary gave a great challenge. Here it is. . .

Today's Small Thing is to fill a kitchen trash bag with trash from around the house. You can drag the bag around from room to room, or you can stand in one spot, like I did, and start dumping. It is liberating to clear the debris and get it out of the house! Saying goodbye is easier than you think.

POINTS: 40 for filling one 13 gallon bag.

BONUS POINTS: 20 points for each additional bag, up to 3 (60 extra points!)

Well I managed to log 80 points just from the master closet and sewing room. One bag of clothing went to the local charity resale shop. And 2 bags full of fabric that I would probably never use went to a local church that makes quilts for ministry projects. This was a difficult one. I have just realized that when it comes to fabric I am a hoarder. Yes I said it. I am. Oh gosh I am. But it did feel good to give to someone that will use it right away. And I logged points to boot. So that's 80 points already for this month. Hmm. I wonder what Rachel Anne has in store.

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