Friday, January 29, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Good morning Company Girls come on in out of the rain! Yes it has been pouring all night. It began yesterday around noon and it is still coming down. Wow if it was really cats and dogs I would have a mangery! LOL.
It is warm and cozy . . .

here in my little house. This is the photo on my banner and I wanted to highlight it today as I tell you about my week.

On Tuesday our landlord called and asked Cowboy to come by. (we live right next door to his office) I always hate that I can tell when he has something bad to tell us. Andon Tuesday he did. He has been forced to sell our little house and so we have to move. He gave us 90 days but he did offer for the horse and donkeys to say here as long as we need to in case we can't find a house with acreage.

To say the least we were shell shocked. We kind of expected at least Cowboy did they talk alot so Cowboy knew it was probably going to be happening. I was just praying it would be months away.

We already had some meetings scheduled on Wednesday for ministry but Cowboy took a few minutes and started looking on the computer for houses. We drove by 4 on Wednesday afternoon. We did find 3 we have appointments to see on Sunday. Two definately have room for all the animals.

Let's what else did I do. Oh I finished and photographed my Winter table scape. Did you come by and see it. I posted it here. I spent most of Wednesday morning setting up a table scape for Table Scape Thursday to post at Between Naps On The Porch. It was a mexican theme table. I got if finished and photographed but after two afternoon meetings and then house looking I was too tired to post it. So it is in my archives (LOL that sounded fancy) and ready for posting another day. Maybe next week. I did show one of the photo's on my Thankful Thursday post over here.

I did pack the pottery that I used in the table scape since it was already so and that is a start.

And I cleaned out our home filing cabinet that was filled with mostly ministry stuff. I managed to fill two kitchen size bags. I laughed when I found a 1993 Dallas Mapsco. It had slid down under the files. I am not that bad! And I am not a hoarder. Well maybe I do hoard dishes but they are collectibles. And I do hoard fabric but it is for quilts which are important because it is so cold and so I need lots of quilts. I do have 3 boxes already packed with fabric ready to give away. But I dumped them out of the boxes and into bags to delivery because now I need the boxes.

I did one more thing this week. I did a Valentine display on my entry way table. I'll be showing it sometime next week. You'll have to come back because I am also offering some giveways and putting up more things on Trade Day Tuesday. ( BTW the antiques are gone I made a trade. )

I am off now to pack some more but I wanted to share a fun photo I found. If you want to hang around awhile I am working on the kitchen and I really do need the help before my daughter comes to help because she has already told me I need to get rid of some stuff. Would you guys please tell her about the file cabinet and donated fabric please?

Off to see Rachel Anne I'll be over to visit soon.

May you day be Blessed


Diane said...

Oh my. I cannot imagine being given 90 days to move, and still having enough sanity to put up a coherent post! I will pray you find something wonderful that is perfect for all of you (animals, too!).

Sigh - you've reminded me I should also go through my stash and pull fabric to be a blessing to others. I stopped buying fabric a number of years ago, and have made quite a few quilts from stash stuff, but I do think it is engaging in some illicit breeding in the boxes under the bed, as the total volume never seems to go down!

PS - my word verification is "parge" - close enough to "purge" that I think God is tellng me something - !

Melinda said...

Moving is crazy, but it's such a good time to get rid of clutter. If you are still in the Dallas area (I'm west of FW), stay warm and cozy today! And I'll raise my glass of DP in your general direction as a salute!

carikaufm said...

Love that picture! Good luck finding a new place...I will be praying for you! said...

I hope you find a home that is perfect for you and fast! That is so good that your landlord is willing to help you guys out with the animals.

secondofwett said...

90 days!!!! Good Grief! My head would be spinning for sure if I only had ninety days to move and find a place....I hope you're able to find a place soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your move. Hope Sunday goes well. Good luck on your home search. I'm sure you will have a good time going down memory lane as you pack up some stuff.

Heather said...

Wow! That is quite a shocker- I do hope you find just the right home for your family and your animals! In our area there is a ton on the market for sale, but very few rentals. Could you buy the home you are in? Mortgages here in our corner of the Midwest are on par or cheaper than rent in many cases.

One More Equals Four said...

Wow, 90 days! I think the Lord has something amazing planned for you...just trust Him! And think, the packing and purging have already begun so you are actually ahead of the game! Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

WOW-lots to do at your house. Prayers heading your way for a new home, but quick. I am impressed by your calm spirit.

Cathy said...

I agree..90 days Yikes! Praying the Lord shows you your next home quickly and that the move is seamless!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the upcoming move. Sounds like you have a lot of potential real estate in your area though and I pray one of those houses with room for animals will work out for you!

Rachel Anne said...

Sherry-your adventure continues. What will the next 90 days hold?? Some new beginnings and unexpected blessings amidst the upheaval of moving. You will create your sanctuary wherever you go.

I did not realize until I saw your comments on Melinda's blog that you live in the Dallas area! Why, we are almost neighbors!

The tablescape is gorgeous.

Cathy said...

Moving is always a crazy time, but yet kind of exciting and fun to start all over...get rid of extra stuff and have new rooms and areas to decorate!! :) I know you'll have a lot to do and be super busy...keep plugging away!