Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whistle While You Work

BTW theres a really cool giveway over at Once upon a Plate. I left the link at the end of my post.
Today Here's how. . .

Today Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary's challenge was to ask for help to take on a home cleaning or organizing task.
Here's my helper.

I actually groaned when I read her suggestion because my Cowboy is gone today and I am alone with the baby. But earlier after changing his diaper I put him in the crib to take care of the disposing etc. and asked him to play for a minute and he did.

So I took advantage and did minimal maintenance on the adjacent bathroom counter. Then I even did a little more Snow decorating.
Darn I have been trying to get this task done since the day after Christmas.

Even though there was no real whistling because neither one of can I was humming while I worked. Does that count?

And I am still going to get Cowboy to help by putting away his laundry after my finally catching up after the big freeze. I have just been washing and washing and washing and drying (times 3) without putting much of it away. Now I'll twist his arm to help! I'll tell him Rachel said so.

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