Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Quilting Goals Met

Thanks for stopping in. Today I decided to join a group that I found yesterday. One of my goals this year is to finish some of the quilts I have started and to use up fabric. And to sew every Saturday. The group here posts thier progress every week. And so beginning next week I'll post the amount of fabric I have used up.

This week I am sharing what I have been working on.

Above is the back of a quilt that I started for my mother. I had three reasons. One to make my mother a lap quilt. Two use up some fabric and three to practise machine quilting. The front of the quilt is lower on the page.
Here's one photo on my design wall. This quilt top is almost complete there are a couple of trees left to applique.

This is what I'll be working on when I don't feel like anything else. I received this blocks from another quilter. I couldn't through them away. They were orignally part of the quilt below.
My plan is to make primitive looking place mats.

This will be a table topper to go with the place mats.

And now the front of my mom's quilt. You can see my quilting isn't great. But mother doesn't see well and she would appreciate it just because I made it. So it is a perfect practise piece. I do my own quilt as you go method so It will be done by this weekend I hope. The big round circle will be ripped out. I was playing around with snow balls. These were too big so I decided to do smaller ones. I just left these in to use as basting.


Jeanette said...

I so love quilts! I wish I had that talent also! Great news! Doug and I from Starting Over have decided to have a for no special reason Giveaway. It is a $50 giveaway. You do not have to be local to win. He will ship the items you choose straight to you! He has a booth at a local mall and when you post in the comment section just say what you like/need/want.
We will email you pictures and prices if you win. Easy Peasy.
Email me if you have a question.

Vivian said...

Love that baking fabric. I didn't get to my sewing room today either. I made the mistake of sitting when I got home from walking after work. Maybe tomorrow.