Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2nd time Tues and Simple Thing

Today for 2nd Time Around Tuesday hosted by Diane I am sharing my kitchen table while it is 'undressed.' You can see around it and on the floor some of the boxes and containers that store some of the Christmas decorations.

It isn't exactly a garage sale item but I did get it years ago at an antique auction. We love it. Our daughter wants it someday when she has a house big enough.
It seats 12. Here's the first photo.

This first photo shows the legs. And my dirty carpet. LOL. Look closely you'll see the wheels.
Next if you look close at the two sides you'll see a line. That is where they fold down. The sides are hinged. In this house because it is so small the sides are usually down unless we're eating. Also you will see two of the leaves that slide into the end for storage. And sitting on top is the crank. To remove or add the leaves you put the crank in the end and turn. That is why the legs have wheels.
This last photo shows the leaves back in position when they aren't used. Our little table has seen lots of love. We have eaten on it. Done crafts. Done science projects. It has served us well. Someday maybe we will refinish the top. But call me weird I love the character in it. And there are some memories for us. When it is covered with dishes you can't see all the imperfections!

Thanks for coming and visiting I hope you enjoyed seeing our table. Come back again and you'll see it all dressed.

I logged 80 points yesterday my post is below. Today I am working on 70 more with a simple challenge. Spend 5 minutes per room tidying up. Go over here to Rachel Anne's for her complete challenge.


Barbara Jean said...

That is an incredible table!!

Thanks fro coming by

off to see more of your place.


barbara jean

Dixie said...

Hi Sherry... thanks for visiting French Lique (a little Texas town that lives only in my mind). Actually we're out in the country about 15-miles east of San Antonio... but I have 3-daughters in the Dallas area (Irving, Farmers Branch & Allen).

Love your old table... reminds me of one my grandmother had on her back porch... it was about 8 or 10 ft long and we ate dozens of meals out there all year round!

Pat & Ron Harris said...

I love your table! what a wonderful find! Thank you for visiting junkblossoms. I hope you'll come back soon and often.

Jeanne said...

Hello Sherry, your table is amazing. I can't say I have seen a table with the extensions storage like that. Awesome table and definitely a keeper. Our table seats 12 but the 9 feet is why. No leaves. It is a harvest table and believe me the top has lots of scars that remind us of the many wonderful times we have had around that table.

Thank you for your visit today and your sweet comment.

Hugs, Jeanne

Jean Stockdale said...

Love the table tale! Thanks for sharing.

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