Friday, January 15, 2010

Company Girls Coffee

Welcome to My Home Sanctuary
I am glad you cam to visit for coffee it is brewing and ready for you.
Today I am joining here . . .

sitting next to my favorite chair with a glass of Pepsi. I took this photo a few weeks ago when Rachel mentioned straightening pillows.
I took the photo before they got all tidyed. The poor blanket is just tossed on the back of the chair. Guess I need to remove that silly tag.

The pillows are two of my favorites. The larger one a silk from Pottery Barn that I inherited from my daughter. The small one is a beaded pillow that I got from Target years ago. I love it. I used to only put it out at Christmas but it looks so good on the chair with the yellow walls that I leave it out all the time now.

This week I did join Rachel and began working on my schedule but I had a difficult time with it because my some big things are changing around here.

First I will only be keeping my grand baby on Mondays. I was keeping him 2-3 days a week. Man a baby takes up a lot of time! He is 20 months now and starting pre-school next Tues.

Secondly we made a decision on Wednesday about our ministry. We have been going to the Food Bank every Wednesday to purchase the food that we pass out. Wednesday is a loooooooooooong hard day for us. Just to give you an idea our truck is usually full when we return to the warehouse. Usually there are at least a dozen 40# boxes and there are usually 20 cases of milk boxes (you know the kind with the straw) they are so heavy. Anyway we are pretty much stocked up with cans of veggies right now so we are only going to be going every other week now. I think this will help alot on gas and our energy for sure. And right now we aren't going to work on Fridays because the prison units all over the state are on lock down the girls can't leave to come do community service for awhile until they make some policy changes.

So all that said I am not sure exactly how make a schedule.

So this week I have been enjoying doing minimal maintenance. The baby was my 'helper' yesterday as Rachel suggested. I know we're not supposed to enlist children under 16 but really all he did was play quietly in his bed where he is contained and I got a couple of things done. I posted photo's yesterday. He is so cute.

Another thing I got started was getting all my snowmen and women out. I usually do this the beginning of January but well I need to get that schedule done. LOL!

In my own defense it was a long hard week because we were just getting unthawed from the how many days of frigidness was it? Too many to think about. We were actually with out water for 5 days. A couple of days we had it for a couple of hours but that was all. So this week I have been catching up on laundry and dishes. Whew I am glad it is warmer!

Well that was pretty much my week. I do hope you'll come by again and visit. As I get myself organized I'll share some photo's of my home as it becomes a Sanctuary. Don't forget your invited to the other Company Girls too for coffee go by Rachel's and follow the links.
I hope your day is Blessed.

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Frugal Friend said...

Your grandson is so cute helping you. And I love your chair. Need to find my own reading spot too!

UKZoe said...

I know what you mean about removing the tag on the blanket. I have a few blankets with tags and really need to go remove all of them, they annoy me!

secondofwett said...

thanks for stopping by...i'm sure glad you have water now. have a good wknd.

carikaufm said...

Wow...5 days with no water! Congrats on getting it back! Good luck figuring out the new schedule.

Anna said...

I like your helper. I'm sure he was lending moral support!
That chair looks so comfy. I'm going to pretend I'm sitting in it chatting with you!

One More Equals Four said...

Wow, your Coffee spot truly looks like a sanctuary! I would like to spend some time there with a good book!

What a blessing you do with the food bank, etc. You will never know all the lives you touch.

And finally...5 days with no water, ugh! I have been whiny about a few weeks with no heat more whining for me!

mholgate said...

Thank you for sharing your home sanctuary with us. I love to visit throughout the weekend and read about the different stages of life that all the Company Girls are in.

Here at my sanctuary, we have blankets all over the place. All five of my kids drag theirs around in the morning and I have to remind them to put them back on their beds. Even I have a favorite that hangs over the couch where I do my devotions and spend time on my laptop.

Have a blessed week!