Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2nd Time Around Tuesday

Welcome to 2nd Time Around Tuesday hosted by Diane.
You'll never believe what I found at a rummage sale.

I guess the only reason it was there is because it was for charity. But hello this is Pottery Barn. The original sticker is still there. It was originally 29.00 for but had a mark down to $19.99.

I thought it was too cool to pass up. Here's the even better part. If you really like it and want it for your very own I'll trade for it.

What have you got? What I really want are 4 white or almost white or off white salad plates. Just 4 or if you have 8 and want to part with them I'll take 'em.

Here's the catch you have to go here to offer the trade. I am hosting Tuesday Trade Day at my other blog. Even if you don't have my plates but you want to trade post some photo's and go back over there and leave a comment.


Sandy said...

Great find you have there! I have been going back looking at some of your post. Great blog! I have really enjoyed myself. thanks for stopping by and your wonderful comments.

Anonymous said...

Trade day! What a great idea!!I will have to join in when I get some semblance of order to my junk!

ceekay said...

Thanks for visiting! You found a deal didn't you? Very pretty! Hope you visit again soon.